I've been making winding sticks since 2017, all hand crafted in my small workshop in Peterborough. I have had the privalge to have customers from all around the world, from Italy & Germany to USA, Canada and even as far afield as Brazil.

The Heritage Crafts Association

The Heritage Crafts Association is the advocacy body for traditional heritage crafts. Working in partnership with Government and key agencies, it provides a focus for craftspeople, groups, societies and guilds, as well as individuals who care about the loss of traditional crafts skills, and works towards a healthy and sustainable framework for the future.

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Winding Sticks

Traditional hand made woodworking tools, an ancient tool unsurpassed by modern technology that assists with detecting and exaggerating twist (wind) in your board.

Possibly the simplest tools in your tool chest, however, the job they do is invaluable.

I believe wooden sticks are superior to their extruded counterparts. For instance, in the unfortunate event you were drop one, unlike a metal stick, these will not bend rendering them useless. Yes, they may get a dent or chip, but this will only add character, or if inclined you could run a hand plane over them.

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